[alsa-devel] Hey, wishie here.

Tobin Davis tdavis at dsl-only.net
Fri Feb 1 16:09:08 CET 2008

On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 00:29 +1000, Travis Place wrote:

> Hey, gnubien gave me a rough overview I think..
> If i can get exact details from you, of what you guys want added to
> the script, ill get onto it straight away.
> I was BLOWN AWAY that Eric Raymond used the script.. that is so
> mind-blowing, considering i started this script out of boredom, and
> laziness of asking users 1000's of questions..

It blew me away too.  I also have seen it on internal mailings at Intel
between developers working on different projects.

> Anyway, get a list to me of what you want added, ill get on it, and we
> can change the script to get updates from alsa-project.org etc..

What they were looking for was output from alsactl.  Take a look at what
it generates.  Use the -f <filename> path to save a temporary file that
can be appended to alsa-info.txt.  The other changes you would need to
discuss with the lead developers on alsa-devel (which I am cc'ng).

> I am more than happy to help out where i can.
> Thanks for all the great help you have given along the way too..
> Without the help of people like you, gnubien, and others, the script
> wouldnt be where it is today.
> Travis (aka, wishie)
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Love the sig.

-- Tobin Davis 

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