[alsa-devel] [PATCH 0/8]ALSA: ASoc: DaVinci: cleanup

Medisetty, Naresh naresh at ti.com
Wed Dec 24 07:36:56 CET 2008


> > > Could you expand on that a bit - what are you referring to as the 
> > > standard here?  This could just be a case of different hardware 
> > > manufacturers implementing slightly different things and giving
> them
> > > the same name.
> > Yes, Exactly it's just a case of different manufacturers 
> > implementing
> the same thing in different way.
> The idea in ASoC is to follow a consistent naming scheme within ASoC 
> rather than implement the APIs in a per-manufacturer fashion.  A given 
> DAI mode should always produce the same effect in hardware no matter 
> which device is being configured.  This makes the code much easier to 
> work with since otherwise you'd not be able to tell from the code if 
> the devices that are being connected are configured compatibly simply 
> by looking at the set_dai_fmt() calls.

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