[alsa-devel] 44.1khz capture on CA0106?

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Fri Dec 19 12:20:19 CET 2008


can anyone confirm that 44.1kHz capture on CA0106 causes the problem
with 48kHz playback?  Typically, recording via 44.kHz using hw device,
then run 48kHz playback.
	% arecord -fcd -Dhw:0 foo.wav
	% aplay -Dhw:0 48khz-samples.wav

I got a bug report about this, and disabling 44.1kHz capture fixes the
problem.   His case is with MSI K8N mobo, and I'd like to know whether 
this happens in general on CA0106.

The bug report is found in



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