[alsa-devel] Xrun stack trace for 1010LT

Pete peterpion at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 16:20:27 CET 2008

John thanks,

I spoke to you about 2 weeks ago about this and have been trying the various tweaks you suggested. But so far I have found no configs which have worked flawlessly, although one config had it down to about one xrun every 20 mins or so average.

Thing is I am after capturing live gigs, which you dont get a second chance with. Although I suspect a small xrun would be easy to disguise but its not ideal. So I am trying to hunt down the elusive 'perfection' config.

Its interesting that when I comment out the actual write call in arecord, there are no xruns. Tonight I will try the exact config you mention below. I suspect that the problem I am getting might be related to the hardware I am on though, which does not have much in the way of configurable bios. Perhaps something should be turned off which I can not access through this basic bios.

Anyway on discovering the stack trace system it was obvious that I must get it working so if it works under a non RT kernel thats where I will go next. Although it would be nice if someone could tell me a tool which would work with the RT kernel as it does interest me what could be screwing up this supposedly real time system, just from a technical interest point of view.

John Rigg <aldev at sound-man.co.uk> wrote: On Fri, Dec 05, 2008 at 06:48:43AM -0800, Pete cat wrote:
> I understand. Im only a fairly basic C coder and such, so could you
> recommend a tool which is fairly easy to use? Or would it be better
> to revert to a non RT kernel (there did not seem to be much improvement
> when I moved to the RT kernel)?

FWIW I've never been able to run an RT-patched kernel with pcm_multi.
I've been using a non-rt preempt SMP kernel with three Delta 1010s for
about three years now without too many problems, currently with
alsa-lib-1.0.16 and 2.6.25.x kernel.

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