[alsa-devel] repost - snd_via82xx input channels problem

Vaclav Peroutka vaclavpe at seznam.cz
Sun Aug 24 17:14:28 CEST 2008

thank you for your answer. Finally I found, that backporting is not so
necessary for me as I needed just three drivers - bt87x, via82xx and ice1724.
Those drivers do not use newer functions I mentioned before, so the compilation
has successfully ended.

But I noticed that even with the newset driver the alc655 line-in inputs do
not work well. Before ( alsa 1.0.9 ) I had the right channel always connected to
the Mic input. Now (Alsa 2008-08-22 ) in the right channel there is a copy of
the left channel. Thus I have monophonic input instead of stereo.

I just downloaded the datasheet of ALC655 codec. I will read it hopefully
tomorrow. But can you just advice me where to look to try to fix the problem ?
It should be somewhere in snd_via82xx module ? Or somewhere else ? Inputs in
snd_ice1724 (my second sound card) work properly. But I have never worked with
kernel modules or kernel programming. I am just interested how to fix the
problem I have.

Thank you in advance,

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