[alsa-devel] Small problem with VIA8237/ALC655 onboard

Vaclav Peroutka vaclavpe at seznam.cz
Wed Aug 20 23:25:38 CEST 2008

Hello all,

I started experimenting with Software Defined Radio and currently using onboard sound VIA8237/ALC655 rev.0 

I found funny behaviour of card inputs. Left channel is OK. But right channel is not routed to the connector and is very noisy. If I switch the input mixer to MIC input, both channels show me the same data - right channel is always connected to microphone input.. So it looks that there is a bug in mixer driver.

I must confess that I have a little bit older Alsa. But before upgrade, is there any change log or bugfix log for snd-via82xx module ? Or does anybody remember that such bug was solved ?

I am glad that sound works now. And I don't want to "destroy" the sound subsystem by upgrading Alsa...

Thank you in advance,

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