[alsa-devel] SOLVED: Re: Dell Studio 15 - aka Inspiron 1535 sound problems: HDA intel and codec IDT (STAC) 92HD73C1X5

Andrea Venturi a.venturi at avalpa.com
Wed Aug 6 23:11:18 CEST 2008

Andrea Venturi wrote:
> Andrea Venturi wrote:
>> hi, i own a brand new Dell laptop Studio 15
>> the audio speakers stay mute if i play an audio file. :-|
> now it works (more or less).

hi. i'm back again with a little issue.

the sound max volume is not as high as the other OS standard.

i had a little thread in the Dell Linux mailing list about this issue:


and, to make a long story short, Dell's Mario Limonciello told me that 
the max master volume has been reduced from 0xff to 0xec, to solve some 
distortion (resonance) issues at higher levels, with this commit:


this is not going to change until there's some Band EQualization 
software support in the alsa driver that can reduce this resonance 
issues at higher volume levels.

do you know if something like this is in development?

i gave a quick look to the Stac/IDT 92HD73C1XXX codec datasheet 
http://www.idt.com/?genID=92HD73C1 and i'm going to believe there's no 
HW support about band filtering..  (the datasheet indeed speaks about a 
SigmaTel Kernel Processing Interface AKA /SKPI/ ) so it should it be a 
complete software solution for linux too! right?


andrea venturi

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