[alsa-devel] [PATCH 10/11] wss_lib: use wss detection code instead of ad1848 one

Rene Herman rene.herman at keyaccess.nl
Tue Aug 5 05:42:10 CEST 2008

On 31-07-08 21:10, Krzysztof Helt wrote:

> From: Krzysztof Helt <krzysztof.h1 at wp.pl>
> Use the wss detection code and kill the ad1848 library.
> The library is fully assimilated into the new wss library.
> This required reworking of the AD1848 family code
> so the code is changed to correctly detect chips from
> the AD1848 and CS4231 families.
> I have tested it on following cards:
> Gallant SC-6600 (codec: AD1848, driver: snd-sc6600)
> SoundScape VIVO/90 (codec: AD1845, driver: snd-sscape)
> SG Waverider (codec: CS4231A, driver: Rene Herman's snd-galaxy)
> Opti930 (codec: built-in - CS4231 compatible, driver: snd-opti93x)
> Opti931 (codec: built-in - CS4231 compatible, driver: snd-opti93x)
> Gallant SC-70P (chip/codec: CS4237B, driver: snd-cs4236)
> Audio Plus 3D (chip/codec: CMI8330A, driver: snd-cmi8330)
> Dell Latitude CP (chip/codec: cs4236, driver snd-cs4232)
> Sound playback and recording works on all these cards.
> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Helt <krzysztof.h1 at wp.pl>
> ---
> Changes since previous version:
> 1. Remove AD1848_LIB symbol from the Kconfig.
> 2. Actually delete ad1848.h and ad1848_lib.c.
> 3. Leave different description for opti82x-ad1848
>    and opti 92x-cs4231 drivers (they are still
>    separated drivers).
> 4. One less assigment in if.

Acked-by: Rene Herman <rene.herman at gmail.com>


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