[alsa-devel] [PATCH 04/14] ASoC: Allow codecs to override register display

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Fri Aug 1 18:35:57 CEST 2008

At Fri, 1 Aug 2008 17:16:13 +0100,
Mark Brown wrote:
> On Fri, Aug 01, 2008 at 12:13:52PM -0400, Jon Smirl wrote:
> > Allow external register display to suppress sparse registers
> As I said when you originally proposed this I'm really not happy about
> changing to that interface.
> Adding explicit information about registers to skip and having this
> function use it would be useful but munging it in makes the register
> display function non-reusable and means that other parts of ASoC will be
> unable to use the information about the void registers should they have
> a use for it.

Hm, is display_register already used in asoc tree by any drivers?
If so, then it's a step backward, and I understand your statement.

OTOH, showing lots of meaningless registers is bad, too.

Looking back soc-core.c again, the primary problem is that
codec_reg_show() assumes that the continuous register table beginning
from 0.  It'd be much easier if the driver provides a complete show
method by itself for non-standard cases, e.g. sparse registers
(i.e. just pass buf and let fill the whole page).


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