[alsa-devel] Problem with aloop

Gustavo da Silva Serra gustavo.serra at tet.com.br
Wed Apr 30 22:27:37 CEST 2008


    I am developing an application that captures sound and send it 
through a network, just like a sound server. To test it I am using 
kaffeine with alsa output plugin. After some time playing continuously, 
or if I keep moving the position slider backward and forward, I get 
choppy sound. If I close and reopen the capture stream opened by my 
sound server, the sound is restored to good quality. Sometimes I have to 
reopen many times before I get a good sound. When I use kaffeine oss 
output plugin I don't have this issue. I don't have an audio sound card, 
so I don't know if this is an aloop issue.

Here are some details:
- RedHat EL 4 kernel 64bit
- Alsa 1.0.16
- Xinelib 1.1.12

Please, if more details are needed I will be happy to provide them.
Thanks in advance.

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