[alsa-devel] Patchmix-style application for EMU cards

Ctirad Fertr c.fertr at gmail.com
Thu Apr 24 23:32:55 CEST 2008


> On my card, playback channels 1 & 2 (hw:0,3) appear on all DSP busses
> associated with surround.
> Say you turn up the "Side" fader in alsamixer, channels 1 & 2 will appear
> at the relevant DSPs (6-7, I think)
> Whatever, for now I am just keeping all surround controls down (that is,
> Front, Surround, Center, Side & LFE).

I see, you talking hw:0,3. Perhaps this will help: 

> I think the switches and enums for the card models are rather trivial, one
> can handle it with a customized version
> of qamix (done with a simple XML file), for example. A separate application
> would not be necessary for only that.

I disagree. With all the switches, routing, sample rates and several models, 
the EMU is one of the most complex cards. Definitely more complex than 
Envy24, Echo or perhaps even RME/HDSP. All these cards have their 
appliactions in alsa tools. 

> By the way, only DSP0-7 work in this way. I have no idea how to make
> DSP8-31 work.

You cannot do that without a driver modification. There is no any EMU specific 
code for hw:0,3. It somewhat works thanks to DSP code in hw:0,0, which copies 
data from emu10k registers to DSP0 to DSP7 ports. 

Personally, I'd like to have an 8 channel 24bit  playback on hw:0,0 with all 
the fader stuff for consumer playback and then another device (modified 
hw:0,3 or even a new one)  for (at least) 16 channel 24bit playback directly 
passed onto DSP buses. 



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