[alsa-devel] via82xx: how to get microphone working?

Németh Márton nm127 at freemail.hu
Mon Apr 14 21:31:48 CEST 2008

Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> Németh Márton wrote:
>> I enabled the microphone input, increased the microphone record level
>> to maximum, and enabled "Mic Boost". I can hear my voice through the
>> speakers, but I cannot record sound.
> This looks as if you've set the playback level and not the record level
> of the microphone.  In alsamixer, use F3/F4 to switch between playback
> and record controls.

Thanks a lot, that was the solution.

In alsamixer I pressed F4 to reach the "[Capture]" settings. At "Mic" the red
"CAPTUR" text was there. What was missing is that at "Capture" the red "CAPTUR"
text was not there. I had to navigate to "Capture" and press the SPACE bar. I
also had to increase the level of "Capture" with the up/down arrows.

What I recognised that in KMix 2.6.1 (KDE 3.5.8) there is a "Capture" level
adjuster, but its level is not connected with the "Capture" level in AlsaMixer
v1.0.16. But maybe that's a KMix problem.

Thanks again,

	Márton Németh

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