[alsa-devel] Tascam US122 on ARM [PATCH] and error :-(

ST st at iss.tu-darmstadt.de
Fri Sep 21 22:48:47 CEST 2007


I managed to get the snd_usb_usx2y driver running on an Linksys NSLU2.
The whole stuff is running under debian etch. 

Kernel Version is 2.6.18 with Debian patches. Below is a little patch 
to be able to enable the driver. Unfortunatly the driver gives the error:

Sequence Error!(hcd_frame=7 ep=8in;wait=65539,frame=3).
Most propably some urb of usb-frame 65539 is still missing.
Cause could be too long delays in usb-hcd interrupt handling.

Which is the output of the function usX2Y_error_sequence. This function is 
only called from usbusx2yaudio.c:328. Since all numbers lie just above 65535
(They are all between 65537 and 65540) is suspect that there is some wrap 
around error, especially because the values are anded with a 16 bit mask 
(0xffff). But unfortunatly i don't know to much about usb right now. Any 
hints to resolve this problem?

The cpu runs with 266Mhz, so it could be that it would be really to slow, but 
i really suspect an wrap-around error. Any hints or ideas to solve this 

--- a/sound/usb/Kconfig
+++ b/sound/usb/Kconfig
@@ -18,7 +18,7 @@ config SND_USB_AUDIO

 config SND_USB_USX2Y
        tristate "Tascam US-122, US-224 and US-428 USB driver"
-       depends on SND && USB && (X86 || PPC || ALPHA)
+       depends on SND && USB && (X86 || PPC || ALPHA ||ARM)
        select SND_HWDEP
        select SND_RAWMIDI
        select SND_PCM

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