[alsa-devel] E-MU 0404/0202 USB implementation

James Courtier-Dutton James at superbug.co.uk
Mon Sep 17 23:34:41 CEST 2007


I am looking to implement support for the E-Mu USB cards.
The card is basically following a mix of USB 1.0 and USB 2.0 descriptors.

The bInterfaceClass field of the standard interface descriptors for the
Audio Control, Audio Streaming, and MIDI Streaming interfaces are set to
0xFF (vendor-specific) instead of 0x01 (USB Audio).

Can I put in a quirk into the snd-usb-audio driver to handle this?

The card also has customised controls. Can one add those to
snd-usb-audio, or would it be better to add those to a totally new driver?

Kind Regards

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