[alsa-devel] [PATCH] sscape: driver extension to 2nd DMA and WSS port

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Sep 17 13:01:42 CEST 2007

At Sun, 16 Sep 2007 10:51:27 +0200,
Krzysztof Helt wrote:
> From: Krzysztof Helt <krzysztof.h1 at wp.pl>
> This patch adds second DMA channel and WSS port settings 
> to the sscape driver. Also, it adds internal card type setting.
> The Ensoniq SoundScape VIVO PnP id is added but not handled
> yet.
> Signed-off-by: Krzysztof Helt <krzysztof.h1 at wp.pl>
> ---
> I was able to make the sscape driver work on the VIVO card 
> for the audio playback at least. It took some conditional switching
> off of the initialization and detection sequences (and one waiting
> loop after the OSS driver). Currently, I am refining this to exclude
> as small as possible.
> This patch is just general changes in the driver to have more
> settings as they are used by VIVO cards. It should work the same
> on the SoundScape PnP (non-VIVO) cards. Chris please test it
> if possible.
> Takashi, please do not reject this if there are coding style violations
> in the context lines. The next VIVO patch changes some of them so
> it will be partially fixed. If needed, the patch for just coding style 
> fixes can be made after the VIVO card will be supported.

I reject your patch not because of coding style but it changes the
existing module option :-)

Can you keep the option dma and just add dma2?

Also, you changed the initialization of port[].  Any reason?  Is the
current code broken in that way?



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