[alsa-devel] [PATCH] New Aztech Sound Galaxy driver.

Rene Herman rene.herman at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 01:22:43 CEST 2007

Good day.

This is not being submitted yet...

This is a new driver for Aztech Sound Galaxy soundcards. At the moment, it 
supports all AZT2316A/R based cards which make up the bulk of SG cards. It's 
been tested and found to be working with:

1. FCC-ID I38-MMSN824: Aztech Sound Galaxy Pro 16 AB
2. FCC-ID I38-MMSN826: Aztech Sound Galaxy Waverider 32+
3. FCC-ID I38-MMSN830: Trust Sound Expert DeLuxe 16+
4. FCC-ID I38-MMSN847: Trust Sound Expert DeLuxe Wave 32-3D
5. FCC-ID I38-MMSN852: Aztech Sound Galaxy Waverider Pro 32-3D


1. I38-MMSN824 = AZT2316A + CS4248-KL, without EEPROM
2. I38-MMSN826 = AZT2316A + AD1845XP, with EEPROM
3. I38-MMSN830 = AZT2316A + CS4248-KL, without EEPROM, and some cards:
                  AZT2316A + AD1845-XP, without EEPROM
4. I38-MMSN847 = AZT2316R + CS4231A-KL, with EEPROM
5. I38-MMSN852 = AZT2316R + CS4231A-KL, with EEPROM

All cards with a settings EEPROM have been tested with their JMPCFG jumper 
set to both EEPROM and SOFTWARE, and work correctly in both situations.

All cards support full-duplex. The ones with AD1845XP codecs seem to be a 
little flakey, where starting a capture _sometimes_ hangs a concurrent 
playback, and sometimes not.

Except the ones with a CS4248-KL codec, all cards experience a 
"cs4231_mce_down - auto calibration time out (1)" upon loading which does 
not seem to have any further consequences. Both this and the previous point 
may be cause for debugging cs4231_lib. Later...

Ram -- included you in the CC because you had a:

FCC-ID: I38-MMSN846: Aztech Sound Galaxy Nova 16 Extra II-3D, AZT2316R + 
CS4231A-KL, without EEPROM

The attached patch is against 2.6.22.x and if you're setup to test, feel 
free and I'll add your card to the "was tested on" list. If you're not, 
don't bother too much though -- it'll work (and sorry for the long delay by 
the way...).

As to the AZT2316A/R chipset series, this driver seems complete and correct. 
I also have a couple of Aztech Sound Galaxy cards with an AZT1605 chipset 
(and one even older Sound Galaxy) though and those don't quite/fully work 
yet as their EEPROMs are layed out slightly different -- they also store 
default volumes in the EEPROM for example. Got about half of it mapped out 
already but can't work on it tomorrow so thought I'd post now.

Finally I have a bunch of AZT2320 based cards, which are PnP based, and 
which I'll merge in as well.

Krzysztof -- you won't be surprised to learn that this driver doesn't do 
auto-probing. It needs all parameters passed in; normally:

   options snd-galaxy port=0x220 wss_port=0x530 irq=10 dma1=1 dma2=0

If you don't specify dma2 (or set it equal to dma1) the card's setup in 
half-duplex mode. I'll document it all upon driver submission. Your 
(expected) Waverider should also work fine with it. If/when you test it, 
could you provide the information such as given in the tables above?

You have an EEPROM if you have "X24C00" chip sitting on a spot marked "UX2" 
on the board, close to a crystal (silver shiny thing). If that spot is 
empty, you have an EEPROM-less variant.

Mapping out the rest of AZT1605 (there may also be a duplex diference there) 
will be sunday or next week.


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