[alsa-devel] Wyse Winterm CS5535 Driver

Darryl Bond dbond at nrggos.com.au
Wed Oct 31 02:08:06 CET 2007

I have a Wyse S50 terminal that I am booting diskless. I have been 
trying to get sound working. The box has a cs5535 chipset.

After much fiddling in the kernel source ( <> ) I 
have been able to make it work. I'm not sure if it is a cs5535 problem 
as the code that fixes it is in ac97_pcm.c.

It would appear that the card is getting passed an unexpected rate. The 
function sound/pci/ac97/ac97_pcm.c snd_ac97_set_rate()
has a section:
if ((ac97->regs[AC97_EXTENDED_STATUS] & AC97_EA_VRA) == 0)      /* VRA */
                        if (rate != 48000 && rate != 96000)
                                 return -EINVAL;
If I use 'aplay wavfile' the rate passed to this function is 44100.
I I changethe code to:
if (rate != 48000 && rate != 96000 && rate != 44100)

it plays but at a slightly incorrect rate.

If I use the Citrix ICA client (which is what I really want to work) the 
rate passed in is 8000. If I add 8000 to the test, it works, but is far 
too fast.

Any hints as to what I should try?

Darryl Bond

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