[alsa-devel] mbox II

rmgls at free.fr rmgls at free.fr
Mon Nov 26 16:27:40 CET 2007

Hi Clemens and list,


> try plughw

i tried:
aplay plughw:0 (plughw:0,0) (plughw:0,1) (plughw:0,2) coq.wav

this time no coredump, aplay try to play, but no sound on the monitoring
of the mbox II, a complete silence.

- perhaps the mixer is muted!

i cannot adjust the mixer:
no elements found.

the technical support contacted tell me: they have no tech doc for the box.
i will try on the duc forum on digidisign.com.
i am unsure to have something there!

otherwise, is a wrapper to the win driver suitable, or even possible?


best regards

rmgls at free.fr

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