[alsa-devel] If /dev/snd/controlCx EACCES vs. ENODEV mixup

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Mon Nov 26 08:55:30 CET 2007

At Sun, 25 Nov 2007 22:03:59 +0100,
Lennart Poettering wrote:
> BTW, what's the status of the BTS? Takashi asked me to post all my
> issues on the ML instead of on the BTS. So why have the BTS at all?
> It's even linked on the alsa-project.org front page under "I found a
> bug!", which is a bit misleading. If this Mantis thing is not liked at
> all, would it be possible to make some replacement available? Maybe
> just use the kernel bugzilla on bugzilla.kernel.org? It's very fast,
> and certainly more fun to work with than with Mantis.

BTS works well if enough human resources are available for fixing a
bug in one-to-one way.  But, ALSA development is certainly no such a
case.  It doesn't scale at all.

Thus, currently, you'd have far more chance to show your problem by
posting to alsa-devel ML than BTS because it's open.

I once suggested to feed all BTS inputs to alsa-devel ML because I was
too tired of responding each, but this didn't work either.  It ended
up with flood of bug reports just like SPAM.  The bug resolution
didn't get improved and the list became unreadable.  So it had to be
stopped.  A sad but true story. 


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