[alsa-devel] ALSA Leaking memory

Lennart Poettering mznyfn at 0pointer.de
Sun Nov 25 23:37:59 CET 2007

On Sun, 25.11.07 23:23, Jaroslav Kysela (perex at perex.cz) wrote:

> > > I cannot reproduce here and from first glance, the error 
> > > path in snd_config_hook_load_for_all_cards is good.
> > 
> > I don't fully grok the code of that function
> > (snd_config_hook_load_for_all_cards()), but from *my* first glance I see
> > that snd_determine_driver() allocates the string. Immediately after
> > that call there are at least two "continue"s which will cause immediate
> > jumping to the next iteration of the loop this whole code lives in,
> > without ever freeing the string.
> > 
> > Or am I blind or missed something?
> No, I'm blind (seeing and associating continue to inner while) ;-) Thanks 
> for notice. This commit should fix the problem:
> http://hg.alsa-project.org/alsa-lib/rev/c8aa952a4579

Hmm, I still don't fully grok the function, but doesn't this commit
change the behaviour of the function quite a bit?

I am not sure due to what kinds of errors snd_config_get_string() or
snd_config_search() might fail, but the names of those functions sound
a bit like configuration errors might be one reason for the
failure. Before this commit, on such an error the code would just go
ahead with the next card. Now, on such an error the loop is terminated
immediately. Sounds like a big change in behaviour to me.

Any idea on that other valgrind bt I posted? Some leak with
snd_config_make() involved?


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