[alsa-devel] alsa-devel on vger

Rene Herman rene.herman at keyaccess.nl
Wed Nov 21 19:51:39 CET 2007

On 21-11-07 17:54, Takashi Iwai wrote:

> What about the plan to move alsa-devel to vger?
> Shouldn't we do that soon?

Jaroslav hasn't yet pointed alsa-devel at alsa-project.org at vger. It's a 
little unfortunate that David wouldn't just transfer subscriptions as it 
seems that's where things stalled again. Given our still recent move from 
sourceforge it really should be okay to just move everyone over.

I noticed that the entirety of people thanking David for setting up the list 
consisted of alsa-devel moderators, you and me, and I suspect most other 
subscribers don't feel there's actually much wrong with things as they are 
today and mostly consider moving again a nuisance. The one other reaction to 
the move was a slightly annoyed reaction about the re-subscribing...

Want me send out a few "please re-subscribe now" notices to the list? Or a 
few "please all pester David badly enough that he'll take the list just to 
get rid of us" notices perhaps?


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