[alsa-devel] Can this be a driver problem? Sound works fine for ogg files but not for avi

alsa-devel.20.pris at spamgourmet.com alsa-devel.20.pris at spamgourmet.com
Sat Nov 17 17:40:55 CET 2007


as I have already reported I'm having problems with my sound:

Takashi Iwai suggested installing the latest version of the driver.
But, before I do this I want to make sure that it is a driver problem
and not some other problem.

The thing is, on my system(Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon) I get perfect sound
playing the example ogg files that come with the system. The system
sounds seem to work fine also. But I have problems when trying to
listen to avi or mp3 files. Can this still be an Alsa problem or is
this a problem of some incorrect configuration?


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