[alsa-devel] aplay: xrun:1104: read/write error ???

 semiyd at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 13 06:43:37 CET 2007

Hi All:
     im using aplay from ALSA-1.0.15 to play music through bluetooth a2dp. im using montavista 2.6.18 on ARM9 platform.
     I got an "aplay: xrun:1104: read/write error, state = RUNNING" error after the music has been played for one second or two.  Could someone tell me how this happened?

Here's the command that i use :

aplay -v -D bluetooth /1.wav

And the message log is as follows:

/$ aplay -v -D bluetooth /1.wav

audio[842]: Accepted new client connection on unix socket (fd=8)
audio[842]: Package PKT_TYPE_CFG_REQ:0
audio[842]: avdtp_ref(0x3c990): ref=2
audio[842]: a2dp_source_request_stream: selected SEP 0x3c218
audio[842]: avdtp_ref(0x3c990): ref=3
hcid[828]: link_key_request (sba=00:80:E1:00:AB:BA, dba=00:0D:3C:EB:53:F0)
audio[842]: AVDTP: connected signaling channel to 00:0D:3C:EB:53:F0
audio[842]: session_cb
audio[842]: DISCOVER request succeeded
audio[842]: seid 1 type 1 media 0 in use 0
audio[842]: seid 2 type 1 media 0 in use 0
audio[842]: session_cb
audio[842]: GET_CAPABILITIES request succeeded
audio[842]: seid 1 type 1 media 0
hcid[828]: link_key_request (sba=00:80:E1:00:AB:BA, dba=00:0D:3C:EB:53:F0)
hcid[828]: link_key_request (sba=00:80:E1:00:AB:BA, dba=00:0D:3C:EB:53:F0)
audio[842]: session_cb
audio[842]: GET_CAPABILITIES request succeeded
audio[842]: seid 2 type 1 media 0
audio[842]: Discovery complete
audio[842]: avdtp_set_configuration(0x3c990): int_seid=1, acp_seid=1
audio[842]: session_cb
audio[842]: SET_CONFIGURATION request succeeded
audio[842]: SBC Source: Set_Configuration_Cfm
audio[842]: avdtp_ref(0x3c990): ref=4
audio[842]: stream state changed: IDLE -> CONFIGURED
audio[842]: session_cb
audio[842]: OPEN request succeeded
audio[842]: stream state changed: CONFIGURED -> OPEN
audio[842]: AVDTP: connected transport channel to 00:0D:3C:EB:53:F0
audio[842]: SBC Source: Open_Cfm
audio[842]: session_cb
audio[842]: START request succeeded
audio[842]: SBC Source: Start_Cfm
audio[842]: SBC Source SEP 0x3c218 locked
audio[842]: fd=10, fd_opt=1, pkt_len=672, sample_size=2, rate=44100
audio[842]: 34 bytes sent
audio[842]: 1 bytes sent
audio[842]: avdtp_unref(0x3c990): ref=3
audio[842]: stream state changed: OPEN -> STREAMING
Playing WAVE '/1.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 44100 Hz, Stereo
Bluetooth Audio Device
Its setup is:
stream : PLAYBACK
format : S16_LE
subformat : STD
channels : 2
rate : 44100
exact rate : 44100 (44100/1)
msbits : 16
buffer_size : 6400
period_size : 128
period_time : 2902
tick_time : 0
tstamp_mode : NONE
period_step : 1
sleep_min : 0
avail_min : 128
xfer_align : 128
start_threshold : 6400
stop_threshold : 6400
silence_threshold: 0
silence_size : 0
boundary : 1677721600
hcid[828]: link_key_request (sba=00:80:E1:00:AB:BA, dba=00:0D:3C:EB:53:F0)
state : RUNNING
trigger_time: 24.586883000
tstamp : 0.000000
delay : 0
avail : 6912
avail_max : 6912
aplay: xrun:1104: read/write error, state = RUNNING      ---------------->>>>> this is where this error happens
audio[842]: Unix client disconnected (fd=8)
audio[842]: SBC Source SEP 0x3c218 unlocked
audio[842]: avdtp_unref(0x3c990): ref=2



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