[alsa-devel] underruns and strange code in pcm_rate.c

Stas Sergeev stsp at aknet.ru
Wed Nov 7 19:52:46 CET 2007


Takashi Iwai wrote:
> Well, I'm using ogg123 with dmix but it works fine.
> That's why I'm wondering why you got so *many* problems.
Honestly, I don't want to search an answer
to this. :) Now, when I have located all,
or most of, the bugs I needed to locate,
this question concerns me not too much. :)

> And, to fix the problem, a test case is always helpful.
I don't think the (code) test-case will
do the trick. I have "anything" as a code
test-case, but for you that test-case doesn't
The only remaining thing I can think of,
is asound.conf, which you now have of mine
and can try.

> Or, possibly wrapping with softvol is the problem?
No, it is not (tried before, tried now
once again).
I am quite sure in that I have located
the problem(s) correctly. So you may see
some reluctance, but frankly, I don't
know what kind of a test-case I can provide,
and why. Write some prog with libao?
But it won't be any better than ogg123...

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