[alsa-devel] Alsa-OSS Duplex bug (revisited)

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Tue May 29 18:55:50 CEST 2007

At Sun, 27 May 2007 23:23:13 +0100,
Alan Horstmann wrote:
> About a year ago I posted an explaination of the cause of non-functioning with 
> Alsa-OSS in duplex, together with a workaround patch.  After some discussion 
> the thread ended.  However since then there has been a steady trickle of 
> downloads of the patches from my host (it can also be found elsewhere) and 
> some reports of great success,eg
> 	http://audacityteam.org/forum/thread/1388  (2nd page especially)
> In attempting to tidy up some loose ends, I hope you can bear with me 
> revisiting this and making the case for it's acceptance.  I am aware the 
> Alsa-OSS is not of much interest to developers, and it might be said 'use 
> native Alsa'; however that is not possible or desirable in all applications, 
> and anyway, why provide an OSS emulation that cannot be made to work 
> properly?
> To summarise the problem first:
> OSS provides a single SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS ioctl; where a device is duplex the 
> number of capture and playback channels cannot be set separately.  With 
> original OSS this was not a problem AFAIK because separate devices are 
> created for capture and playback, ie they are not used duplex.  However 
> Alsa-OSS in most cases creates a single combined device, which only operates 
> correctly when an equal number of capture and playback channels are used.
> The Workaround:
> The workaround I proposed and now use constantly is like a secret trapdoor.  
> Where the existing interface is adequate (ie captue channels == playback 
> channels, or non-duplex) nothing changes, and SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS is set with 
> a number between 0 and 128.  It is fully compatible with apps that don't know 
> of the secret door -the front door is used!
> However, if an app needs to set capture channels != playback channels, in 
> duplex, at present the stream will malfunction every time.  But with this 
> patch applied, if the app knows the workaround, then it can simply set 
> SNDCTL_DSP_CHANNELS as  playback + 256*capture channels, and this will be 
> interpreted correctly in the patched Alsa-OSS and the stream functions 
> correctly.
> As I say, there is therefore no loss of compatibility in either direction.  
> Providing the app only uses the special formula when necessary rather than 
> always, it is only providing a way to fix something that is broken.  It would 
> seem to me of value to add the patch to Alsa so that the workaround can be 
> effected by changes to the app only, without also having to patch and compile 
> a replacement Alsa.  Whilst it is by no means ideal, it does overcome the 
> underlying problem successfully.  Details of the workaround could be added to 
> the  OSS-Emulation.html document.
> Patch for 1.0.14rc4 is attached for consideration, together with example 
> portaudio patch.

Thanks for the patch.  I see how you struggled with this problem.

Well, this is a bit hard problem to decide which to go.
While I see the advantage by your hack (small and backward
compatible), I feel that it's too hackish -- it introduces an
incompatible way of the existing ioctl.

So, I'm not fully convinced by this change yet.

OK, let's whip this dead horse again.

After a quick thought, another possible fix would be to let apps open
each direction separately.  For that,

- add some way to make the given PCM stream to non-fullduplex
  (proc or module options?)


- change portaudio to open each direction separately, O_RDONLY and
  O_WRONLY at first, then use O_RDWR as fallback
Are these feasible?


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