[alsa-devel] sound on smdk2410

Graeme Gregory gg at opensource.wolfsonmicro.com
Tue May 29 14:56:30 CEST 2007

On Tue, 2007-05-29 at 08:50 -0300, Jose Henrique Spahn Torres wrote:
> 1. OSS app (and hence OSS emulation) is initially setting hw_params to
> 8kHz 16 bit mono (this may not be supported by the driver and thus
> hw_params returns EINVAL).
> 2. audio rate, channels, format is not supported by driver.
> 3. ARM gcc < 4.1.1 CSE bug.
> Liam 
> Hi Liam,
> the messages printed on the output are all the same (asoc:machine
> hw_params failed). It is printed tens of times...
> I couldn't play a .wav either.
> I am using gcc 4.1.2, so it is not 3.
> I will check 1 and 2 but I need some hints on where in the code this is
> set.
Hi, -EINVAL for rate/channels can be returned in the hw_params path in
the drivers. So smdk2440.c uda1341.c or s3c24xx-i2s.c if any of them
decide the parameters are not valid.

Did you use aplay to play the .wav, can you tray aplay -f cd blah.wav

This selects 16bit, 2 channels, 441000 and from the looks of the drivers
should work fine.


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