[alsa-devel] ICE1724 alsa driver

Rossco r.maclachlan at strath.ac.uk
Wed May 23 19:55:02 CEST 2007

 <dustin <at> seznam.cz> writes:

> Hello Ross,
> what kind of SPDIF receiver the HV-7.1CH Hitpoint card uses? 
> http://www.hitpoint.com.tw/computer/en/product/soundcard/via/hv-71ch.htm
> I guess it is the chip right next to the two TOSLINK connectors. If it is
CS8415 (looks similar), support for
> this chip could be taken from aureon.c, or perhaps the whole aureon code would
fit this card better than the
> amp.c code with Chaintec AV710.
> Regards,

Hi Pavel,

I replied to you be email, just realised this should probably have been through
the list. It is a CS8415. I would be grateful if you could advise how I might go
about trying the aureon.c with the hitpoint (I am new to ALSA and indeed linux).
Or is this something that needs further developer attention and information
about the card (I will provide anything required)?



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