[alsa-devel] [ASoC] Mic record is not working with wm9713 ASoC driver

Nobin Mathew nobin.mathew at gmail.com
Wed May 9 09:32:35 CEST 2007

I am trying to record mic with AsoC wm9713 driver. My Mic is connected "Mic 1".

My settings

'Mic A Source' -> "Mic 1"
'Mic Boost (+20dB)' [on]
'Capture' [on]
'Left Capture Source' "Mic 1"
'Right Capture Source' "Mic 1"

i am issuing following command to record
"arecord -M -f S16_LE sound.wav"

But what i found is driver is not enabling "Mic bias" and "Mic A PGA"

this dump of /sys/devices/platform/soc-audio/dapm_widget while
"arecord" is running is given below

Mic Bias: Off
Mic B Pre Amp: Off
Mic A Pre Amp: On
Mic B PGA: Off
Mic A PGA: Off
Mono In: Off
Right Line In: Off
Left Line In: Off
Mono Out: Off
Out 4: Off
Out 3: Off
Right Speaker: Off
Left Speaker: Off
Right Headphone: Off
Left Headphone: Off
Right ADC: On
Left ADC: On
Aux DAC: Off
Voice DAC: Off
Capture Mixer: Off
HP Mixer: Off
AC97 Mixer: Off
Right DAC: Off
Left DAC: Off
Speaker Mixer: Off
Mono Mixer: Off
Right HP Mixer: Off
Left HP Mixer: Off
PM State: D0

In idea why this is happening?
what is going wrong with my settings?

Nobin Mathew

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