[alsa-devel] Support for SAM9407?

Ash Willis ashwillis at programmer.net
Tue May 1 13:18:30 CEST 2007

Hi, I've just been digging around for information on the old Dream SAM9407 chip.
What's the current support status in ALSA for this chip? I know some work was
done on producing drivers for cards based on this chip and I know there were
plans to port the efforts to ALSA. Did that ever happen? It doesn't seem so.
Was there a specific reason why it wasn't ported in the end?

In the interest of making ALSA that bit more complete as well as trying to
improve my skills, I've been looking around for some older hardware that I can
write drivers for.

This chip seems like a good candidate considering the cards haven't quite
disappeared into oblivion :) I was looking into the possiblity of porting the
remaining kernel OSS drivers to ALSA...but I can't even find any test hardware
because they're so rare.

Ash Willis


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