[alsa-devel] Questions on Bluetooth Audio & Alsa Relationship

Allyn, Mark A mark.a.allyn at intel.com
Thu Mar 29 18:09:09 CEST 2007


Where is the correct place to discuss issues pertaining to 
snd-bt-sco and its relationship with Alsa? I am having trouble
getting snd-bt-sco to work with Alsa 1.0.14rc3. I am getting
a kernel oops for a NULL pointer somewhere in snd_bt_sco_playback_open.
I looked on the blutooth-alsa sourceforge site, it seems that snd-bt-sco
is no longer maintained and that they are going toward a solution using
something called plugz. Plugz, however requires a kernel patch that 
works for kernels 2.6.19 and above, but not with 2.6.14, which is the
kernel in the distro that I am using.

I have attempted to ask some questions on the bluez developer email list
on sourceforge, but I only got one response saying that the snd-bt-sco
solution is more mature than the plugz development effort. I then asked
about the kernel oops and have not got any response.

What is the state of bluetooth audio development? Is it slacking off? 

Perhaps is the a plugz email list that I don't know about? 

Thank you for your help.


Mark Allyn

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