[alsa-devel] New code for conexant chipsets in -mm tree

Rodrigo Luiz rodrigo at editau.com.br
Tue Mar 27 20:50:09 CEST 2007

Tobin Davis wrote:
> The other thing to check is that you are not specifying a "model=" 
> parameter in the modprobe.conf file.  The module should be allowed to 
> autodetect your system.  Your previous comment about commenting out the 
> "spec->init_verbs[1] = cxt5045_mic_sense_init_verbs;" line indicates 
> that your system is using the "model=fujitsu" option for some reason.

My modprobe.conf is empty and I dont' give any paramter for this module.

But I also am not understanding. My test code:

         switch (board_config) {
         case CXT5045_LAPTOP:
                 codec->patch_ops.unsol_event = cxt5045_hp_unsol_event;
                 spec->input_mux = &cxt5045_capture_source;
                 spec->num_init_verbs = 2;
                 spec->init_verbs[1] = cxt5045_hp_sense_init_verbs;
                 spec->mixers[0] = cxt5045_mixers;
                 codec->patch_ops.init = cxt5045_init;
                 printk(KERN_DEBUG"cxt5045_laptop\n"); //for test
         case CXT5045_FUJITSU:
                 spec->input_mux = &cxt5045_capture_source;
                 spec->num_init_verbs = 2;
//              spec->init_verbs[1] = cxt5045_mic_sense_init_verbs;
                 spec->mixers[0] = cxt5045_mixers;
                 codec->patch_ops.init = cxt5045_init;
                 printk(KERN_DEBUG"cxt5045_fujitsu\n"); //for test

And I see in log:

Mar 27 15:36:48 dig kernel: cxt5045_laptop

But if I uncomment the line "spec->init_verbs[1] = 
cxt5045_mic_sense_init_verbs;", my speaker don't work and I receive 
these messages in log too.

Mar 27 15:44:59 dig kernel: hda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, 
switching to polling mode...
Mar 27 15:45:00 dig kernel: hda_intel: azx_get_response timeout, 
switching to single_cmd mode...

It's very strange. The case CXT5045_FUJITSU isn't executed, but it is 
influencing in the module. It is truth. :/

> The diff below was actually a test for a user, and is not intended to be 
> added to the main driver, sorry.

Ok. I only showed the diff between your patch_conexant and of the mm tree.


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