[alsa-devel] Status of CMI9738 and SiS7012

Rob Franklin rkfranklin at gmail.com
Tue Mar 27 16:49:05 CEST 2007

Hi All,

I posted a question a couple of weeks ago to the alsa-users list
(Can't get spdif working with ALSA and FC6 on ECS L4S5MG/651+
motherboard), but never got a response.

I have been looking at the ALSA source code for the AC'97 codec on my
board  (CMI9738) and the source code for the intel8x0 driver (for my
SiS 7012).  However, as far as I can tell from looking at the source,
S/PDIF is not enabled/supported for this combination of devices.
Additionally, Googling around I haven't found any mention of people
getting spdif working with ALSA and a CM9738 / SiS7012 combo.

I am wondering whether anyone on the developer list can confirm that
this is the case.  Also, if this is the case can someone give me an
idea of what would be required to get this working.  The system is
setup with dual boot and so I could grab some of the values from
windows using a PCI sniffer, and I might be able to do some hacking on
the source code and submit a patch if someone could help guide me in
the right direction.


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