[alsa-devel] Patch to p5vdc-x motherboard's sound

sergiodaniel at inf.ufg.br sergiodaniel at inf.ufg.br
Sun Mar 25 19:38:16 CEST 2007

This is a description to correct the problem of p5vdc-x motherboard's.

In file hda_codec.c the line 1727 is: if (codec->bus->modelname && models) {
the variable codec->bus->modelname not is reconized for asus pc5vdc-x
motherboards. Your ship is "Analog Devices AD1986A"

i correct this add the lines in the funcion
static int patch_ad1986a(struct hda_codec *codec)


                 spec->num_mixers = 2;
                 spec->mixers[1] = ad1986a_3st_mixers;
                 spec->num_init_verbs = 3;
                 spec->init_verbs[1] = ad1986a_3st_init_verbs;
                 spec->init_verbs[2] = ad1986a_ch2_init;
                 spec->channel_mode = ad1986a_modes;
                 spec->num_channel_mode = ARRAY_SIZE(ad1986a_modes);
                 spec->need_dac_fix = 1;
                 spec->multiout.max_channels = 2;
                 spec->multiout.num_dacs = 1;

The complete code is in  


Sérgio Daniel

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