[alsa-devel] hopeless about snd-hda-intel driver.

Ustun ERGENOGLU ustun.ergenoglu at gmail.com
Sat Mar 24 15:57:24 CET 2007

Hello everybody,

for more than one month I have been crawling through the net to find a
cure for my endless torment about ATI SB450 Realtek ALC861 soundcard.
I have no problem with playback, but when it comes recording there is
nothing wrong in the beginning but after sometime recording stops and
I see a message about time out in dmesg output.

I have made a bug report in the ALSA bug tracking system but got no
response :(. It's here:

Can anybody, please, tell me where to begin to solve this problem. I
can even start hacking ALSA code with my next to nothing knowledge
about kernel driver programming as I have more than average c
programming experience. This is more than enough motivation to start
some coding, I suppose.

I would greatly appreciate any recommendation or help.


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