[alsa-devel] SPDIF/IEC958 sample rate on HDA/ALC882

Dominique Dumont domi.dumont at free.fr
Thu Mar 22 22:11:20 CET 2007

Dominique Dumont <domi.dumont at free.fr> writes:

> The parm of the last verb (0x200) is 0x11. When looking at Realtek;'s
> doc (p44), this means a PCM stream.
> And I know that my amp does not like ac3 in audio stream. It won't
> decode unless the stream is flagged as non-audio. (should be parm
> 0x8011 , ie. bit 15 set)

Err, scratch that. The non-audio bit is set by verb 70D.

> So it looks like the MSB of the parm where clobbered somewhere. 
> BTW, the Sample base rate (which controls whether the stream is 44khz
> or 48khz) is bit 14. So this may be a lead for your problem.

Probably not. 

Sorry for the noise.

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