[alsa-devel] Réf. : Where is _snd_pcm defined?

intellij intellij at yandex.ru
Thu Mar 22 17:22:13 CET 2007

Thank you for your answer. However, you information is not correct. I do not have the snd_pcm structure in the three copies of pcm.h I have in alsa-lib/include, arm-linux/alsa nor arm-linux/include. Peahaps, this is because my lib is slightly obsolete. Fortunately, today I have accidentally discovered the requested _snd_pcm structure in the alsa-lib/src/pcm/pcm_local.h. Excuse me for the fuss. 

BTW, we have fallen out of the mailing list. Forums are efficient only when there are many participants for two reasons: neighbors can provide more information and the same questions will be prevented from asking repeatedly. Do you think this case is different?

>If you get the alsa-driver sources, you can have everything you need (hope :-).
>Note that in my typedefs.h, I don't have any _ at the beginin, so "struct snd_pcm" is in alsa-kernel/include/pcm.h.
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