[alsa-devel] [1/2] 2.6.22-rc6: known regressions v2

Jeff Garzik jeff at garzik.org
Fri Jun 29 20:10:49 CEST 2007

Alan Cox wrote:
>>> I'm not even sure this report is IT8212 related rather than just an IRQ
>>> storm
>> Why does the driver report "irq 0"?
>> ata7: PATA max UDMA/133 cmd <blah> ctl <blah> bmdma <blah> irq 0  <====
>> Above that, the ACPI layer says it assigned IRQ 20
> Because the libata core code in 2.6.22rc6 reports all the ports and IRQ
> values wrongly ?

AFAIK that was fixed, for IRQ.  Please point out examples where it 
remains broken...


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