[alsa-devel] at91 SoC Modifications

Frank Mandarino fmandarino at endrelia.com
Fri Jun 22 21:00:44 CEST 2007

Paul Kavan wrote:
>     Perhaps it would be useful to see a diagram of the connections between
>     the SSC and codec on your board, including directions. 
> Attached is a quick diagram. As far as the wiring, they only connect
> where you see a node connection....did not have a real circuit program
> handy. Let me know if you have questions on the diagram. I tried to make
> it as clear as possible.
> I have the bitclocks and codec master clock tied together. Also, I have
> the frames tied together.

The diagram is clear except for the signal directions.  I assume that
all signals are outputs from SSC to codec except for RD0 - PCMT.

Could you please provide the settings that you are currently working with?

In particular, I would like to see how RFMR.FSOS is set.  If TF0 is
outputting the frame sync and tied to RF0, then you probably want RF0
configured as an input (RFMR.FSOS = None).

And if RF0 and RK0 are receiving signals on their GPIO lines, you do
need to initialize the GPIO registers in your machine driver.

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