[alsa-devel] Sound Devices USBPre

Brian Phelps brphelps at customlightandsound.com
Fri Jun 8 20:15:34 CEST 2007

Hey guys,
I contacted Sound Devices at sounddevices.com about writing a Linux
driver (I was going to head the project but would take any help I can
get) for the USBPre, a 2ch-in 2ch-out USB preamp with highquality
balanced XLR Mic inputs.  

They said that they would love to have a Linux Driver and
will provide specs for me, I am still waiting on the info though.  I
have not asked if I can view their firmware sourcecode yet, and if it
requires an NDA, I will have to work around that.  What advice do you
have for writing a driver for alsa?  I have
written some small kernel drivers for embedded Linux devices, a few
audio programs in C, and I come from a DSP background, but I am not sure
exactly where to start, besides the specs and firmware.

Thanks for your help

-Brian Phelps

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