[alsa-devel] [LAD] How to get correct midi timings from ALSA using the library only

Clemens Ladisch cladisch at fastmail.net
Wed Jul 25 10:24:58 CEST 2007

Carlo Florendo wrote:
> Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> >> However, I wish to be able to make the sequencer or player work without the 
> >> use of the ALSA queue nor the workaround in (2).
> > 
> > Why?
> Because the queue output and draining, AFAICS, is implemented in a blocking 
> manner.

When non-blocking mode is set (see snd_seq_nonblock()),
snd_seq_drain_output() does not block but writes only as many events to
the kernel buffer as fit inside (or returns -EAGAIN if the kernel buffer
is completely full).


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