[alsa-devel] MOTU PCI-424

Per Eriksson per at erinet.se
Sat Jul 14 19:11:50 CEST 2007


After talking to Jonathan Woithe about the development done to support
MOTUs product families, Jonathan and I have reached the conclusion that
ALSA support for the PCI-424 series of cards would mean a great benefit
for Linux users to get high quality audio at a fair price.

The PCI-424 card is used to drive the following products:

MOTU 2408mk3

The work will start this autumn, as soon as I get everything set-up, and
the progress will be published on
https://erinet.se/alsa/motu_pci_424/pci-424 specification.pdf

The actual driver will for me be a later issue to solve, I hope to
gather some understanding by reading the list and look through the

However, I would like some more information on how the Matrix is
supposed to be used in the wiki system. Are the vendor pages only for
supported devices, or also for devices concidered for being supported?



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