[alsa-devel] Application Coding

Paul Kavan pkavan at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 17:09:30 CEST 2007

Hello all:

Beginning to write my application code now that I have alsa SoC working
fairly well on my ARM development board. My audio application is fairly
simple. I will be doing raw, S8, samples at an 8k sample rate. Essentially I
need to do playback of a stream when signaled by an application to do so and
capture when signaled by a button press. Capture takes precedent over

I am really new to the alsa api and I am planning on using aplay as a
template. However, if anyone knows of an easier piece of code that may work
as a template, please feel free to point it out to me. I am using the API
documentation from the alsa-project website. If anyone knows of another good
piece of documentation, please feel free to let me know.



Paul David Kavan
Project Engineer
GRH Electronics, Inc.
pkavan at gmail.com

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