[alsa-devel] Gadget Labs Linux Alsa driver is coming!! (and you are invited)

Mike Mazarick mazarick at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 23 19:32:30 CET 2007

There is a recently revitalized project to create an alsa linux driver for
the Gadget Labs series of cards.  




There is an active mailing list of the developers, testers, and interested
parties who are helping located here:


wavepro-driver-developers at lists.sourceforge.net


It is recommended that if you are interested in reading the progress of this
effort, that you subscribe soon because the mailing list will go 'private'
around the middle of January (to keep out spam and other unwanted


The end goal of this project is to have the driver included in the alsa
distribution and eventually into the linux distributions so that owners of
this card can simply have the card installed in their system and all the
necessary steps will be done automatically by the installation, as is the
case with SoundBlasters, onboard sound cards, Delta 1010s, RME 9652s, etc. 


Having a working driver is several months away from now, and the developers
who are helping write this are quite good, however, we are all inexperienced
at creating drivers for linux and are unsure of the needed steps to get it
included in the Alsa tree.   We are also very receptive to any advice or
help with the creation of this driver; feel free to sign up and be a part of
this project.   We have a major advantage because there is already a Windows
driver available with source (including new FPGA firmware), which was
developed after the Gadget Labs company went under.


Best wishes (and happy holidays!!)


Mike Mazarick


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