[alsa-devel] Notebook Toshiba satellite x200-21g with realtek snd-hda-intel audio device still not supported (codec ALC268)

Tobin Davis tdavis at dsl-only.net
Fri Dec 21 02:10:54 CET 2007


Normally I would have jumped in earlier to help, but I am swamped,
between my real job (non-alsa related), school (BS IT degree program),
and recent flooding activity in Oregon a couple of weeks ago.

What I can do, is ask you to download and run
http://bulletproof.servebeer.com/alsa/scripts/alsa-info.sh .

Also, rebuild the modules with "./configure --with-cards=snd-hda-intel
--with-debug=detect" and load them with "model=auto".  This will leave
output in dmesg as to what the driver finds in bios.  It's not always
reliable, but it helps.

As to 5.1 surround, the only way to get 6 channel output would be
through the SPDIF port, as it acts as a digial passthrough.  If your
system has a subwoofer, it is very likely tied into the main speaker
out, just like the 2.1 speakers you can get at most stores.


On Fri, 2007-12-21 at 01:04 +0100, Daniele (Mastro) wrote:

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> Takashi Iwai ha scritto:
> > I recommend you to hack the driver code by yourself.
> i take this as a "no we will not do it"
> but i understand it.. keep reading
> > The coding itself isn't too difficult.  The problem is the guess work,
> > which PIN really corresponds to which I/O, and what control is missing
> > (EAPD, GPIO, etc).
> ok...
> i know a bit of C programming, not much to be honest.. but i have no
> idea on where/how to watch for "PIN" and things like that... I don't
> know what EAPD, GPIO etc. are
> i really would like to do it myself but i don't know where to start...
> if you can give me a link that explain how it work and help me in the
> process i'll do my best
> but without any help i don't know what to do.. and i'm worried to damage
> my audio card if i do something wrong...
> > What I'm wondering is how to support 5.1 output.  The ALC268 codec is
> > at most for 4 channels (2 + 2).  Are you sure that you can get 5.1
> > distinct outputs?
> hum.. you put a doubt in me..
> i'm sure there's a subwoofer but i'm not sure it should be 6 channel...
> i try to check in some way..
> i never booted up Vista in this notebook... i guess i could try it to
> check this or may be i found something googling... i let you know..
> i'm a bit sad that you haven't time/men for my chipset (specially for
> the headphone jack not working and the mic) but i understand it... i
> hope you will help me to learn and fix my problem alone helping the
> comunity and your project
> i'll wait your reply
> best regards :)
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