[alsa-devel] Notebook Toshiba satellite x200-21g with realtek snd-hda-intel audio device still not supported (codec ALC268)

Takashi Iwai tiwai at suse.de
Thu Dec 20 15:03:42 CET 2007

At Thu, 20 Dec 2007 09:46:04 +0100,
Daniele (Mastro) wrote:
> Daniele (Mastro) ha scritto:
> > and again: i've no idea on what you could need.. i really want to help
> > you supporting my card: it's useful to me in the first place after all
> > 
> > so ask me if you need something
> > 
> > and sorry if my english isn't perfect! I'm not english and i know i
> > still have some problem with it
> > 
> > thank you all for your time
> i don't want to be rude, i only want to ask you if is there something
> wrong with my emails? nobody is replying anymore. do you plan to reply?
> some information missing? i'll provide it, just tell me what you need

More time and hands to work :)

> if you plan to reply but haven't had the time yet don't be upset for
> this message... i don't know how things works here and i don't want to
> put you in a hurry, i just want to know if you will do something for
> this problem or not?

I recommend you to hack the driver code by yourself.
The coding itself isn't too difficult.  The problem is the guess work,
which PIN really corresponds to which I/O, and what control is missing
(EAPD, GPIO, etc).

What I'm wondering is how to support 5.1 output.  The ALC268 codec is
at most for 4 channels (2 + 2).  Are you sure that you can get 5.1
distinct outputs?


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