[alsa-devel] Using dmix/dsnoop/dshare to access individual channels

Steve Strobel steve.strobel at link-comm.com
Wed Dec 19 22:49:22 CET 2007

>Steve Strobel wrote:
> > I am using a 4-input, 8-output codec (AD1938) in an application 
> similar to a live sound mixing
>  ...snip...
> > Am I on the right track, or would I be better off adding 
> functionality to the crosspoint application
> > to read and write wave files?  Thanks for any suggestions.

Takashi Iwai <tiwai at suse.de> wrote:
>Unfortunately this won't work.  d* plugins can have only hw type slave
>PCM.  So, dshare cannot have dsnoop as its slave.
>I recommend you to use simply JACK for such a purpose.  It's exactly
>designed for this kind of work.

Thanks for the reply.  I think I understand at least the basics of 
how Jack works, and I can see how it would work well in 
general.  Unfortunately, I am working on an embedded Blackfin system 
running uClinux and I don't find any evidence that Jack has been 
ported to that platform.  Also, all of the (simple command-line) 
utilities that I hoped to use like aplay/record, mp3play, etc. are 
set up for ALSA;  I suppose there might be Jack equivalents or a way 
of using an adapter of some sort.  That sounds rather involved, and 
defeats at least some of the advantages of native Jack apps.

Would it be a reasonable design to make small executables to do jobs 
similar to dmix/dsnoop/dshare that do their I/O on named pipes 
(fifos), then run aplay/arecord... on those pipes?


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