[alsa-devel] [PATCH] 1616(M) cardbus improvements

Ctirad Fertr c.fertr at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 00:43:25 CET 2007

Dne Monday 03 of December 2007 10:29:38 jste napsal(a):

> In my patch, I modified the input put callback to use
> emu1616_src_regs.  Check if it's a wrong implementation.

Oh, you are right. I forgot to add 1616 related code here. Funny I didn't 
noticed any problem in regular use, because I use just analog inputs for 
capture (no difference between 1820 and 1616) and the internal routing worked 
as expected :-)
Thanks for correcting.

> > Unfortunatelly, now I found that driver (or host card) reload causes
> > kernel ooops on 2.6.23 (2.6.22 is unaffected). This is NOT related to my
> > patch.  It crashes even with 1.0.15 version. This is bad :( It crashes
> > immeditely after a firmware for the host card is loaded. Can someone
> > confirm that?
> Try HG version whether the same problem occurs.  Many bugs related
> with emu10k1 have been done after 1.0.15.

It seems it was caused by mix of latest driver/headres and older 
alsa-lib/alsa-utils. After upgrade of all components to the latest HG it is 
stable again. The pure 1.0.15 is stable as well with 2.6.13. It was just 
false alarm, fortunatelly.


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