[alsa-devel] Dealing with 'siamesed' DAC sample rates

Trent Piepho xyzzy at speakeasy.org
Thu Aug 30 21:28:10 CEST 2007

On Thu, 30 Aug 2007, John Utz wrote:
> The thrice cursed vt1618 has the DAC sample rates regs for the Surround
> and Center/LFE DAC's (0x2E, 0x30) set to RO and locked to whatever rate
> that the Front DAC is set to.
> So, i *think* that i want to change my driver code to poke the value
> for setting hw:0,1 (should be reg 0x2e) into 0x2c instead? or am i
> barking up the wrong tree?

Wouldn't that mean if you are using hw:0,0 at 48kHz and then tried to use
hw:0,1 at 44.1kHz, that hw:0,0 would switch sample rates too, in the middle
of playback?

Of course, this would go the other way too.  If you're using hw:0,1 at 48k
and then start hw:0,0 at 44.1k, the sample rate of hw:0,1 gets changed.

It seems like the right thing to do would be to check if any other DACs are
in use.  If any are, the sample rate is locked to whatever it is set at.
If they aren't, then you can change all the sample rates by writing to the
0x2e register.

When the device is opened, you check if any other DACs are in use too.  If
any are, the hw constraints are set to the current sample rate.  If none
are, then the sample rate constraint can be any supported rate.

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