[alsa-devel] ALSA sound/core/pcm_lib.c:210: Unexpected hw_pointer value [1] (stream = 0, delta: -4096, max jitter = 8192): wrong interrupt acknowledge?

Pharaoh . pharaoh137 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 19:14:38 CEST 2007

I am getting this error at the start of song, I get this only once and the
song plays quite well except some periodic minute/unnoticable clicks which
occur often if period size is less. Is there any chance of this being the
culprit i.e. causing clicks? I used to get the same messages after every
buffer size previously, but after fixing my pointer callback this happens
only once at the beginning.

After reading the code I think that, this might not be the reason behind
clicks, since this is just xrun debug thing, but this doesn't correspond to
xruns directly, does it? I got the above error message even when there were
no xruns. How serious is this issue? After referring web I collected that,
this might happen because the period is not processed as fast as it should


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