[alsa-devel] Altec Lansing FX5051 mixer

Clemens Ladisch cladisch at fastmail.net
Mon Aug 27 18:18:55 CEST 2007

Jeremy Nickurak wrote:
> The mixer doesn't work at all w/linux kernel 2.6.22, everything is locked
> at 100% volume, which is pretty unhelpful, as it's the only way to adjust
> the volume. (no analog controls).

Are there any messages in the system log when you try to change them?

Please show the output of "lsusb -v" for this device.

> Also, the digital control panel

The remote control?

> locks up when the speakers power up, further preventing any access to
> the volume controls.

What does "lock up" mean?  Nothing happens when you press buttons?


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